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Dabbawal Jesmond is turning 10

A milestone we’re proud to reach.

Owner, Jaf Ali shares: “It feels great to reach 10 years. There are many fantastic restaurants in this city, and we are a little hidden gem off the beaten track so it’s an achievement we’re very proud of. It’s taken a lot of hard work and investment to keep patrons coming back time and time again.

The staff have a crucial role to play in our success over the years and we’ve reached this milestone due to the environment they create.”

Speaking about the changes guests can expect, Jaf added: “We have been collaborating with our interior and branding agency to inject some fresh magic into Dabbawal Jesmond (and soon High Bridge too). Adding some tactile extra decorative paint and wallpaper layers in rich neutrals and spice tones, softened with vintage accessories, hanging plants and gorgeously reflective mirrors bouncing new light around the space.

We’ve also installed some ultra comfortable new banquette seating, creating extra special booths and group-dining spots around the venue, to enjoy the collection of custom art.

Jesmond is already a wonderfully welcoming, much-loved neighbourhood restaurant, and we hope our guests feel the extra love being injected into the space. The new look and feel is fresh and inspiring, designed to harmonise beautifully with the new branding.

The brand has matured, and our food has evolved. The quality has excelled but value for money remains. We look forward to being around for another 10 years.”